Webinar on Free Open Source Software (FOSS) Usage in and its un-common compliance obligations for Commercial Product Code

The session will cover about how using open source software in and with your Product Code impact commercial value of the product and its marketability during M&As.

Govind Preet Singh has been immersed in FOSS compliance for over 12 Years dealing first-hand with multiple – multi-million dollar M&A transactions, and Global Product Launches with total realization of net value/revenue of clients of over USD 5 Billion in its Product life-time. He specializes in Software Composition Analysis and generating SPDX compliant SBOMs for submitting to Governance Bodies across Americas, Asia and Europe. Govind has been Technical Expert for Legal Teams in Big-Ticket, high-profile Global Intellectual Property Litigations. Outcomes from these Litigations have set precedence to evolution of FOSS Compliance in Commercial Software Products today.