Our Portfolio


Website: codevidhya.com
Founded In: 2016
Founder: Shivram Choudhary
Location: Jaipur

Codevidhya is an ed-tech company that is on a mission to convert Indian classrooms into spaces that teach programming for an increasingly algorithm-based future. Codevidhya works with schools in a B2B model. A school introduces the Codevidhya curriculum as their computer syllabus, and it is implemented as the main subject like science and mathematics. The team sets up the curriculum basis guidelines shared by CBSE boards and other educational boards. Teachers are also trained in the coding curriculum. Students also get access to the Codevidhya online platform where they can do hands-on coding projects, classwork, and homework. The online platform also lets them share their projects with friends and families.

DheeYantra Labs

Website: dhee.ai
Founded In: 2017
Founders: Vidhu Bennie and Sreekumar Jairaj
Location: Bangalore

dhee.ai is a multilingual AI/NLP platform that enables businesses to engage, communicate and serve native language speakers in their own language. Dheeyantra’s product introduces multi-channel delivery through the provision of self-launching widgets, mobile applications, social media platforms, email inboxes, etc, so as to boost overall productivity with the help of complete chatbox configuration, conversation statistics, conversation logs for audit trails, and so on.

GoSeeko (Formerly Glossaread)

Website: goseeko.com
Founded In: 2015
Chandrabhanu Pattajoshi and Sonam Choudhary

GoSeeko aims to make higher education accessible and convenient across Tier 2-4 cities and towns thereby helping students transition from academics to careers. It was founded by Chandrabhanu Pattajoshi and Sonam Choudhary in 2015. The company operates on a subscription-based model and the study materials are available at the most affordable rates across courses. This includes notes, presentations, lecture, and reference videos, MCQs, and question banks with answers for graduate and post-graduate courses. In April 2021, the startup raised funding from us.

Gully Network

Website: gullynetwork.com
Founded In: 2019
Founders: Ajay Nain and Prateek Chaturvedi
Location: Bangalore

Gully Network is building an asset-light and tech-enabled network of mid-size stores under the brand “GULLYMART”. They partner with existing unbranded stand-alone mid-size stores that wish to become part of a modern retail chain to improve their sales and income. They provide the store with an integrated tech-enabled solution consisting of exclusive supply, increased margin, superior fulfilment rates across the entire inventory, automatic and data-driven stock replenishment and access to credit and working capital.