Patents , Copyrights , Trademarks – How IP rights work in AI & Open Source

A webinar that will cover IP rights related Strategies & Tactics for protecting IP rights for your AI / Open Source products

Moderated By Dr. Gaurav Gandhi , Tech Entreprenuer & Researcher with more 15 years of experience building tech products & vibrant communities of technologists.

*Panelists *:

  1. Jeanine Rizzo: Founder, Rizzo

Jeanine is a Maltese lawyer who specializes in Intellectual Property law, Art & Antiquity law, and has ample experience in the setting up of Foundations and Associations in Malta.

  1. Ivan Gauci

Ivan is an assistant director with Maltese National IP Office within govt of Malta. He is SNE with European Union Intellectual Property office

  1. Ayush Sharma

Ayush Sharma is the founder of MS Law, India and specialises in patents and trademarks

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