For Startups

Our Funding Criteria. What we look for in a startup? How to apply for a Pitch?

Our Finding Criteria and Things We Look For

  1. When a start-up is referred to DFAN, a first-level evaluation is carried out by the in-house experts, basis which a scorecard is released to the investment committee
  2. Basis of this scorecard, the investment committee evaluates the viability of the business/investment. If it passes the criteria, the start-up is then invited to pitch to a larger group of members from the DFAN Members community
  3. Debrief with the members post the call with the founder wherein the assigned DFAN Lead(s) discuss with members about the findings and present the relevant data to the members. This helps the members take an informed decision about the next steps. The topics that are generally covered in these calls are:
  • Founders call: Presentations by startup founders to the DFAN Members
  • Members call: Discussion on findings and due diligence conducted by the DFAN Lead