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How does DFAN work? How to Become a Member? What is the Membership Fee?

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How DFAN Works for Investors?

DFAN’s objective is to democratize the seed/angel investments in the start-ups so that everyone can participate in the growth story of the start-up and get benefitted. This also opens an additional avenue for diversification of investments. The investments in start-ups are very risky with the potential to lose all the money invested.

DFAN members can look forward to the following:

  1. Invest smaller sums as the funding is pooled within the group
  2. Help the startups grow and take them to the next level by providing them access to your network of customers & partners, provide guidance & mentorship across different aspects of managing a start-up
  3. Be a part of the network at the lowest cost payable towards the annual membership fee
  4. Higher chances of success as the evaluation are done by experts in the fields of technology, business as well as functional areas.

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