DFAN Soft Launch

Digital Futurists Angels Network (DFAN) , perhaps the first of its kind community backed angel network is conducting its Angel Investment Workshop + Launch on 15th Feb morning in Gurgaon. DF angels network has its Genesis in Digital Futurists , a global community of 800+ Futuristic Tech , Business & Consulting leaders , spread across 15 city chapters in 4 continents with 35+ tech channels. The community backing for attracting deep tech start ups , evaluations , investment, leveraging rich intellect pool for mentoring and support to start ups in growing their business and valuations makes DF Angel network a very unique proposition for both the Angel investors and for start ups. The ticket sizes are kept low to ensure wider participation. The event 15th will have a session on various aspects of angel investment from a serial entrepreneur & investor in addition to DF Angel team’s session on their plans for the members and an open house brainstorming session .

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