About Us

Why DFAN? What is our roadmap? What is DF Community?


Digital Futurists Community

About DF Community

DFAN is the brainchild of the DF Community, that’s why one should also know about DF.

  1. Digital Futurists is a global curated community of 1500+ Futuristic Technology, Business & Consulting Leaders.
  2. DF has 15 city chapters across the world – NCR (India), Mumbai, Bangalore, Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney, New York, London, Dubai to name a few.
  3. DF is present in 4 continents with 35+ dedicated active channels like IoT, AI, Blockchain, RPA, CyberSecurity, Scaling Exponentially, Marketing, Systems Thinking, BFSI etc

What does the Community do?

  1. Refer mutual business opportunities.
  2. Help businesses with non-core functions like HR, Finance, Legal and others owing to our diversified pool of experts.
  3. Assist startups in the expansion of their business.
  4. Help startups with their talent requirements.
  5. Provide management oversight as and when needed.
  6. Knowledge sharing via webinars & WhatsApp sessions.
  7. City chapter monthly meetups to foster knowledge sharing, collaboration, and networking.