Welcome to Digital Futurists Angels Network (DFAN), a community-backed angel network, where adding value is the priority

DFAN Snapshot

Digital Futurists Angels Network or DFAN is a global community-backed angel network and our priority is ‘Value Creation’.

DFAN was formed with a vision to help, nurture & grow start-ups and participate in their success and scale. Birthed by the curated Digital Futurists (DF) community which boasts of some of the smartest minds globally; our community contributes in choosing start-ups and investing in start-ups, as well as actively contributing to their success.

Our investment thesis is sector-agnostic, focused on Technology (tech-led or tech-empowered) with a play in B2B, B2B2C as well as B2G.

A global community-backed angel network with a vision to help, nurture & grow start-ups

Enviable strategic partnerships spanning Co-investment, Marketing & Outreach & Knowledge & Technology

Some of the smartest minds globally (our DF community) actively contribute to the success of our start-ups


Smart Capital

Wealth in the form of money, knowledge, experience and expertise at the disposal of our chosen entrepreneurs to enable scale & success

Trusted Advisor

Provide valuable earning & learning opportunities as well as encourage investors’ participation in the growth of their start-ups.

Strategic Few

We are invested in the success of both our investors as well as our selected start-ups and operate with the ‘strategic few’ paradigm

Value Creator

We pursue Value Creation with credible strategic partners & foster entrepreneurship & innovation for the Ecosystem & Community


Angel investment is a manner of equity financing where an investor invests financial funding against acquiring an equity position in the company. Equity financing is normally used by businesses that are young or have been set up with limited resources or are non-established in the terms of financial backing and therefore do not have sufficient cash flow or collateral with which they can obtain business loans from financial institutions.

An angel investor (also known as a private investor, an informal investor, seed investor, business angel, or angel funder) is a person with high-net-worth, who invests in a new or small business venture or provides financial backing to small startups or entrepreneurs, typically in exchange of ownership equity in the company or a convertible debt. An angel investor also helps in providing capital for the start-up or expansion of such a business setup.

Angel investors can be of different forms and therefore can be from different backgrounds and may have any of the following sources of investment:

  • Family and friends
  • Affluent individuals
  • Groups
  • Crowdfunding